Prince Charming Isn’t Real, But Cinderella Is



Boy, oh boy, did Disney deal us a doozy! How many of us have dreamed of, prayed for, waited on, or talked about our “Prince Charming”? Most, if not many, I’m sure. We’ve possibly thought that our lives would be better if we could just find that “perfect” Prince Charming, or our problems would be over if we were married, or at least in a relationship. We might have even invested in the notion that we could be happy if we “just had someone to love us”. Well, not to be the bearer of bad news, but Prince Charming isn’t real.  In fact, Prince Charming isn’t real, but Cinderella is.  You, my sister/friend are Cinderella 2.0. That’s right, there’s some Cinderella in all of us. I’m remembering the story of the beautiful young woman who was dealt tragic circumstances in life but rose above the obstacles and rose to the occasion to be found. Sound like anyone you know? You perhaps? The you you’re growing to be perhaps?


Now back to Prince Charming. Again I say, he simply doesn’t exist, at least not in the way portrayed. I know. I know. It feels like you felt when you first learned the truth about the portly guy the red suit. But as quiet as it is kept there’s no perfect prince that’s going to ride in with a satin cape and a rose dangling from his mouth and rescue you (and all you’ve been through especially if you haven’t let it go). Prince Charming is not galloping in as a cure-all specimen on a white horse, or in a white Bentley, Benz or Buick LaCrosse sweeping you off your feet to live happily ever after, no problems attached. That just “ain’t” going to happen!


Flipping the proverbial coin to the positive side, what can and will happen is something more miraculous than a fairytale could ever tell. One day, through the dependence on, redemption through and guidance of the only Man that was/is/will be perfect (Jesus) you’ll be found by a great guy who’s on the way to greater once he connects with you. His mission is to be what you need of him and more importantly, allow you to be what he needs of you.  This business is serious, my sisters. It’s far more serious than a glass and silver slipper. You’ll have issues. He’ll have issues. You’ll both need Jesus and each other to be made better together. And believe me, boo, he’s not coming to you unless God means for you to help him. Don’t believe me? Just check Genesis 2:18. The key is for you to stop waiting around to be rescued and get to work on your own redemption through God. You’ve got to get ready for who’s being made ready for you, boo!

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So this “super dude in the making”, like you, Cinderella, may have some issues stemming from his childhood, his health, his wallet, with his parents, with former relationships, with exes and the list goes on. He might have been dealt some similar blows by life as you, or in areas your mind can’t imagine.  But more times than not, you’ll find yourself in the position of being sent to help him more than you are helped by him. And a real Cinderella knows that’s cool, because God’s got her back, while she gets to participate in enjoying her blessing.


So, fellow Cindys, step out of the fairytale and step into faith (with works). Go ahead and get yourself ready. Don’t get caught slipping. Get it? Slipping as in Cinderella’s glass slipper?!?!? (I tickle myself sometimes…LOL!) Back to the lecture at hand. Be healed of what’s hurting you (and be real with yourself about what’s hurting you.) Submit to God now so submitting to a husband won’t be foreign. Pray for him now wherever he is as he’s being made ready. Practice patience. Be nice. Learn now to share your time, food, family functions, and the television remote. Learn to budget. Learn to listen. Trying loving people you don’t like (because there will be days you don’t like him), surround yourself with healthy people with healthy relationships, and like Cinderella, learn to keep a clean house:)



5 thoughts on “Prince Charming Isn’t Real, But Cinderella Is

  1. Thank you Angela! This is spot on!! Learn how to be happy single and learn how to be happy married! We must learn contentment. In the meantime patience is key.

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