Ladies, Don’t Be That Girl

(A 4:00am viewing of a popular reality show prompted this post.)


Don’t be that girl. What girl you ask?


The girl who:

  1. Has to have her behavior explained all the time as, “Well, you know that’s just how she is.”
  2. Is a “Debbie Downer” making the mood of the group go south with constant complaints and criticisms.
  3. Is unapologetically, always late.
  4. Is mean, mean, mean and mad, mad, mad all the time.
  5. Is living miserably in the pains of yesterday.
  6. Talks badly about men and other women.
  7. Refuses to see the good, or God’s purpose in other people.
  8. Can be heard long before she is seen.
  9. Is known for throwing shade (and I don’t mean sunglasses or palm trees)
  10. Is moody.
  11. Presents herself in ways deemed unlovable (and makes it hard, very hard for people to love her).
  12. Cares more about name brand purses than people.
  13. Has mastered the art of Chameleon 101…changing to be whomever you think people want you to be.
  14. Throws pity parties.
  15. Is known for stealing the spotlight, and spoiling it.
  16. Can’t celebrate others.
  17. Keeps up more drama than a 1980’s daytime soap opera.
  18. Doesn’t listen.
  19. Can’t be trusted.
  20. Spreads bad news faster than the flu in a kindergarten class.






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