I Really, Really Like That


I really, really like that! How many times have you heard those words from a woman walking by who said it about you, but not directly too you? How many times have you thought those words of another woman, but failed to let those words escape from your mind to your mouth?


Ladies, why is it sometimes so difficult to share our sincere compliments with other women? We are known for our ability to recognize all things esthetically pleasing, yet often can’t muster up the words to share what we’ve witnessed with the one wearing it, sporting it, speaking it, handling it, writing it, creating it or owning it. That “ain’t” cool! Being honest and encouraging another woman in an area you admire takes nothing away from you, but can add so much to her.


So, I’d like to invite you to join me in embarking on the “I Really, Really Like That” campaign with a mission to tell your fellow female the truth about those things that make her awesome. If you like something, let her know. If you admire her, say so. If you’d like to learn more from her, ask. If you’re amazed by her actions, speak up. If you’re inspired by her life, let it out. Ok? Now ready, set, go!



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