#ComeUp! #ComeDownForWhat?

(There’s a totally overused phrase that’s popular today in some demographics that says, “Turn Up! Turn Down For What?!?” In the genres which make it popular it expresses the need to be excited, have fun, enjoy life, celebrate and all that jazz and keeping things that way. That, ladies and gentleman is the pretense behind this post.)


Let me just say taking the high road can be hard. Staying on the high road can be even harder.  I know I’m not the only one who feels as if some people and problems have been hand-crafted to yank me down to the lowly roads of “Don’t take my meekness for weakness/Let me tell you a thing or two/You don’t know who you’re messing with so let me show you”. But they’re not worth it.


Of late, loved ones and I have been collectively (and almost strategically)challenged with the task of trekking up the high road and doing whatever it takes to set up shop there. This has become especially evident with persons that seem to have been wired (or rewired) to misrepresent, misunderstand, or misinterpret us, our roles in their life, their responsibilities in ours, fact vs fiction and the list goes on. Wisdom, trial, error and eventual reward has taught me that these kinds of “crazy” scenarios are clear indicators that we’re on the right path to somewhere BIG and that it’s important to stay classy to stay there. But again, staying on the high road can be hard.


I’ll be the first to admit that I have a quick and seasoned wit.  Hunni, I can think of things to say that would shock you. They shock me often when they come to mind (especially because I’ve never been one to curse, so these aren’t a string of fluid “swear words”, but methodically put together put downs that would take out even the strongest of adversaries). Thankfully I’ve tremendously grown and try really, really hard to no longer let those words run amuck. However, sometimes it feels like my mind has a mind of its own. As quickly as I can think of an uplifting or encouraging post, when I’m challenged or a loved one is challenged I can also think of some seriously snappy comebacks and planned speeches to deliver to my nemesis. I have to purposely change my mind when those things try to come to mind. I have to choose to come up from where my mind might be leading my mouth so I’ll whisper in a loud internal shout #ComeUp! #ComeDownForWhat?!?!



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