Go Ahead and Take the Leap


Fear can be a mother!!!!!!!!! Now, before you think I’ve jumped onto the “curse whenever you want to wagon” hear me out. Fear, like a mother can birth so many other things in our life. What starts with something small can grow into something big and longlasting. What starts with a little thought in our head or heart can spawn doubt, procrastination, stagnation, generational transfers of the same hindering mindset, lack of faith, missed opportunities, and a bunch of other things that just shouldn’t be.


So I say today, to myself as I type and to anyone who’s reading, “Go ahead and take the leap.” Our first step is figuring out what’s been holding us back, in what areas, why and what we need to immediately start doing about it. Our second step is to simply do “it”, do “it” some more, do “it” again, do “it” when we don’t want to, do “it” when the fear tries to creep back in, get some help with “it” if we can’t do “it” alone, but we must do whatever our “it” is until our “it” is done. If we try and don’t fail, we might end up actually flying. If  we try and do fail, we might still end up actually flying, just at another time and perhaps another day or another way.

Today’s the day! Ready. Set. Go!!!! LEAP!!!!!!!!!!!!



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