The Heart Can Have a Mind of Its Own

Life Gets Better

A friend sincerely asked my thoughts on love and how to move on from someone who still has a special place in your heart. My first response was, “That’s a tough one.” Because it is! Sometimes we treat relationships like hopscotch, jumping to and fro.


There is no clear-cut pattern for moving on from a courting/dating relationship. Scriptures can encourage. Books can comment. Friends can advise. And even actions can mandate, but the heart has been proven a time or two to have a mind of its own.


So what do you do? I really don’t know. I’ve learned that each situation and association is different and deserving of a custom-made outcome that outshines even the way it began. That’s especially true if you desire for whatever the outcome is to be for God’s glory and your own good. I’ve been the one, too many times to share, to move on to another…

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