I Wear wet n wild


I’ve been a make-up wearing girl longer than my parents have allowed. I enjoy makeup and I’m not ashamed to say it! Knowing I’m beautiful without an enhanced facial canvas, I simply enjoy the creativity the colors and custom-blends bring me.

Many times people remark that they like my makeup. I’m flattered, and a bit freaked out at times. They often ask what kind of make up I wear. I use MAC as a pressed power, a blend of two Maybelline foundations, and I have one E.L.F. palate that I use for the purple eyeshadow, but the true components that color my cheeks, enhance my eyes and cover my lips on a daily basis usually only cost me $2.99 or less (especially if it’s BOGO-buy one, get one free). The truth is, I wear “wet n wild”.


Gasp! I know. I hear you. “We grew up on “wet n wild” lipstick” I can imagine you saying. “Isn’t “wet n wild”  for little girls?” your mind may be asking. “Isn’t “wet n wild” that cheap makeup?” I’m sure you’re wondering.

Well, let me tell you, “wet n wild” has been good to me. What started out as a necessity because I was allergic to other cosmetics in high school like Fashion Fair that made my lips puff up like plump Nathan’s hot dogs on an outdoor grill, has grown into accepting and realizing my financial priorities and making the most out of what I have.


A few months ago, my sister and I were talking to a group about professionalism in a training. When speaking about the proper clothing for work we both emphatically told them about how we wear old clothing, shop at Ross Dress for Less (nothing like a $7.99 showstopper), welcome hand-me-downs, are advocates of thrift stores, and basically have learned how to look like a million bucks until we get a million bucks knowing that when we finally get a million bucks we certainly won’t want to spend it on clothing.  We work with what we have.

The moral of this story is: I wear “wet n wild” and I’m proud of it. I wear it because that’s what I can afford right now. I’m proud to know $2.99 (reduced to $.99 with the right CVS coupons) can look like $39.99. True beauty comes from the inside. True confidence is when you can rock what’s on the outside knowing it didn’t put you back or pillage your purse. This post is about make-up, but it’s actually about more. It’s about life. I wish all would know that wherever they are, with whatever they have and whatever they can afford doesn’t define them. It actually grooms them for greater.



2 thoughts on “I Wear wet n wild

  1. I Love This Post!! For More Than One Reason But Most Of All Because of this line…. ‘ I wish all would know that wherever they are, with whatever they have and whatever they can afford doesn’t define them. It actually grooms them for greater.” And Yes I Can “Beat My face With Wet n Wild Products especially the mega last lip sticks!!!

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