It’s My Anniversary!!!!!!!!!!


Today, January 2, 2014 marks one year since I embarked on one of the most refreshing relationships in my life…blogging! It was a year ago at my desk that I finally decided to muster up the courage to share my words with the world (or at least my couple hundred followers) and share my ups, downs, funners, love of food and faith through 185 heartfelt posts over the year.


So much has transpired over the year since starting I’ll be the first to admit that the task of sharing some of the wacky, scary, funny, out-of-the-blue, hurtful, celebratory and challenging miracles, milestones or mishaps I’ve shared hasn’t always been easy. As I continue on this trek to share the world as I see it and as it unfolds in my life I know that it will only cause me to become more transparent, reflective, observant and grateful.


In fact, that’s my prayer for this new year of blogging.

• I want to use and my newest blog to become more transparent so that whatever I share is as emotionally honest as possible (with my good, my bad and the “I can’t believe I actually felt that way”).

• I want to be more reflective, growing more to the point of not allowing an experience to pass without seeing the value in it for my benefit or for that of others.

• I want to be more observant about the world around me, including reading other blog posts and works of writers to continue to learn, learn, learn about the wonderful world of words.

• Lastly, I want to make sure that I’m grateful. I try very hard to strategically include a Christ-like perspective in my writings. That’s just who I am and what works for me. This year, and in years to come, I want to be able to always see the good, and God in all that I go through and share with others so that His light and name can be what shines through and has the final say-so.

I have not a clue what’s next, or crazy themes, memories or posts will pop in my head. What I do know is that this year has been amazing and I belive my blogging best is yet to come.

Happy Anniversary (2)


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