Ain’t Nobody Mad…But the devil

Is it just me, or have you also noticed that once you try to do right, live right, get better or do better trouble just seems to pop up like an aluminum foil tin of Jiffy Pop from the 70s? Deciding to do things differently sometimes feels like an instant trigger, a “pop-up” test, if you will, that seems so unfair and so not the best time for trouble to try to trouble you.



Here’s a secret…there’s nothing wrong with you doing right. Don’t stop doing right when wrong tries to rear its ugly head. In fact, the more you press to do what you know is best, ain’t nobody mad but the devil. Whatever you do, don’t let him stop your flow. Don’t, I repeat, don’t give up when it feels like the heat has been turned up.


With that said, don’t let the unexpected curve balls the enemy may try to throw your way keep you out of the game. In fact, the more unexpected the pitch the more you need to know how great your potential is!!! So stay close to the Coach. Tap in to His Assistants. Know the Play Book. Exercise your faith like never before. Practice your gift. Get you some good cheerleaders. Surround yourself with fans and knock the devil and anything he throws your way out of the park!



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