I Believe You Are Beautiful!

Life Gets Better


YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! There I said it. If you’ve ever wondered if anyone notices you take note that I do. I believe you are beautiful!


Your beauty has nothing to do with your large thighs or tiny legs, your protruding teeth or lack thereof, your wild and curly or straight and thinning hair, your widening hips or big lips, your height or width, your skin tone or skin disorders, who loves you and who doesn’t, what you have and what you want, your real weight or driver’s license weight, your age, race, or how much make-up you put on your face.


Your beauty has all to do with what’s on the inside of you. It’s the struggles you have overcome. It’s the faith you hold on to. It’s the wisdom you have gained from what almost wore you out. It’s the stories you’ve lived through that people wouldn’t even believe. It’s how you sacrifice sleep for the…

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