Find a Reason to Laugh

Life is “interesting” enough as it to make it even more complicated by frowning, pouting, sulking and sinking into a negative pouty-mouth, pity party. Now, I’ll be the first to say that it’s okay to cry. Crying is cleansing and sometimes gets a bad rap. But staying, and being comfortable in a place of despair is not meant for us. Life is too short and too long to linger in sorrow. We have to find a reason to laugh!


It tickles me, literally sometimes, to see the new generation’s thought of beauty that is often depicted as a growl or grimace, that, in my opinion is simply not cute. It’s becoming more and more acceptable to be angry, negative, cynical, mean and mad, and walk around with a sourpuss face like you just taste-tested the new line of  Sour Patch Kids with extra sour.


We have to be determined to find a reason to laugh. Some of the heartiest laughs I’ve ever had have come from what appeared to be the toughest, most trying, most unfair or unfortunate situations in my life. It’s the ability to be able to laugh at those things that once hurt us, laugh with others whom we love, and even laugh at ourself from time-to-time that shows your true strength and fortitude.

You see this picture? It was taken in 2011, exactly one year from my divorce with many messy moving parts still remaining and as my sister was entering the throes of a devastating divorce of her own. I’m not sure what made either one of us laugh that day, but through all of the chaos, those smiles you see are as real as Jesus Himself.


So I say again. We have to find a reason to laugh!  Every, single day we’re alive and kicking we must find something to laugh about, or someone to laugh with. Our spirit, our soul and our body will thank us.



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