Exit So You Can Re-Enter

Today I had the privilege of returning to one of my former jobs, ABC 33/40 to do an interview. I’ve been there many times since my departure in 1999 to do PR interviews and promote things with which I was involved. Today, for some reason as I greeted old friends and shook hands with new people who also understand the connection of this little thing called media I realized an important fact. It’s so important to wrap things up the right way.


As a feisty 27-year-old back in 1999 I had no idea where my career path would lead and certainly didn’t know, or want to know if it would often lead me back to places I’d already been. As a young, naïve little lady I actually paid no mind to the possibility of the notion called “full circle”. With that said, when I quit ABC 33/40 in June of ’99 I left there after having been there since the day the doors opened to go to a great job in Marketing and Public Relations at a local hospital. At that time I was a little burned out with how my simple mind perceived news media at the time. (Ask any newsie or news escapee about media burnout). I’m so glad that, even in the blessing of receiving a new job I didn’t “throw up the deuces”, “run out kicking and screaming”, “blast my boss” or “cabbage patch” out of the door leaving my old job in a way that would have been embarrassing for the now grown woman to return to whenever possible. Back then I thought I knew it all. The likelihood to do any of the above mentioned unmentionables was very possible. (God bless my heart.) I also had inter-office relationship drama, self-imposed financial challenges (in other words I shopped too much at Casual Corner), and was just green about things professionally in some regards. I’m so glad my internal frustrations, immaturity, unwillingness to change, or drama with my “at-work” boyfriend and his girlfriends didn’t cause me to do something totally foolish. I don’t know if you’ve worked with people like the ones I’ve worked with in all of my jobs, but most of us know of those who have disgracefully left a job, church, relationship or organization with a lot of ranting and ruckus then later on ended up crossing paths with the ones they left. Today I spend a lot of time talking to students and adults about the importance of keeping bridges in a position to be able to cross over again, and again if needed.


I’m so glad there was a bit of decorum even back then that I’ve tried to keep with me at all times, especially when it comes to ending a relationship (business, personal, etc.). Not to say that times (and people) don’t try me, but I’m just a firm believer that life is a perfectly woven connection of our past, present and future, and at any time that connection can come together. I want to be able to sashay right on through whatever comes back together with no lingering thought of “do these people think I’m crazy?”.  


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