I Can’t Speak on It


The Lenten season is here. I’m very much willing to sacrifice in honor of the sacrifice Jesus made for me. I love Him so much! I try each year to truly search my heart for the thing or things I need to be rid of during this time. In year’s past, I’ve fasted from things like soda, pork, desserts and other temptations I carry on close relationships with throughout the year. This year, I had the hardest time deciding from what to fast. It was literally half-way through Fat Tuesday before my sister shared with me the most brilliant thing I’ve heard in a long time. “I’m going to give up commenting on people for Lent,” she said. “What?!?!!?” was the first thing I said, before spitting out faster than I’d planned to, “Okay, I’ll join you.”  


From now until Easter I’m watching my mouth like never before. It’s been a tough journey so far, but a small sacrifice for the ultimate Sacrificer. My funny comebacks, my quick wit, my “two-cents worth”, my opinion, my eagle-eye observations and all of their close relatives are placed under lock and key. Taking their place are genteel phrases like “Bless his/her heart”, “I have no thought on that”, “I shall remain silent”, and my favorite, “I can’t speak on it.” So if you try to engage me in chit-chat about my thoughts on the latest reality show drama I can’t speak on it. If someone says or does something to hurt me and I have something extra special to share in return I can’t speak on it. If I observe a trait about someone I don’t prefer I can’t speak on it.  If someone makes me madder than a bull in a china shop I can’t speak on it.


And so there you have it. I am on a mission to tame my mouth that will hopefully last longer than Lent and will help rid my mind and my mouth of saying things that may be true, but don’t have to be said.



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