What I Know for Sure

A few weeks ago I was having a chat with someone close to me  about some changes in my life. That person was actually my mother who will probably read this as soon as she gets her new laptop and facebook account set up. 


The more I spoke, the more I could tell that her motherly instincts had kicked into the easily reached gear of “concern”. As I shared my scenario and stated my case, in explaining my point of view, I could tell she wasn’t quite feeling it. Her preference, as with any good mother eagle, would be to know that her eaglet would be okay, and that she would have a birdseye view in watching it unfold. There seemed to be nothing I could say to her to get her to understand that either way I would be okay. Truth be told, I didn’t quite understand it all myself, but I believed that on way or the other, as Romans 8:28 reminds me, all would be well and GOOD.

Don't Figure It Out (3)

Not being able to make my mother understand what I didn’t even fully understand lead me to a strong revelation. There will be times in life where figuring it out isn’t an option. And that’s by design with our greater good in mind. Some things aren’t meant to be understood, but endured, for the sake of something greater. That’s what I know for sure.

What I also know for sure is:

  • Things do get better.
  • Life will turn out as great as it’s meant to be.
  • There is nothing a problem or person can do to rob you of who God says you are, or what He intends for you.
  • Trust is needed most when things don’t make sense.
  • Some situations are sent to simply cause you to know Who’s in control.
  • Some problems come to rev up our communication with God.
  • Time trying to figure things out could be well-spent living out life.
  • Trouble loves to steal the spotlight.
  • “Crazy” can’t be explained (and I mean that as in problems, not people:)
  • Some issues can’t be solved until God allows all the players to be in place.
  • Things do get better. (Yes, I’ve said it already.)



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