Put on Your Lip Gloss, Your High Heels and Keep It Moving

Recently I was having a conversation with a friend attempting to encourage her as she travels down a road I’m unfortunately familiar. We sent multiple text messages, then talked and finally the right words came to me as I tried to assure her that one day, these days would provide her with some of the best laughter of her life. In the battles she’s fighting the flesh would easily tell her to fight back, literally. With the struggles she was enduring the enemy would cunningly try to convince her to be consumed with her circumstances. With the pain she’s experiencing her own mind would try to talk her into what her spirit knows isn’t the way to make it out of a challenge better than before. I tried being very transparent with her about some of the ungodly ways I wanted to handle some of my own past troubles (thank God for Jesus I didn’t). Then I remembered words my Mama told me several years ago. She said, “Put on your lip gloss, your high heels and keep it moving.” I did. I did. And I did.


Ladies, no matter what the matter may be there’s a destination ahead that’s being made ready for you. Health challenges, financial obstacles, relationship problems, family matters, self-esteem struggles, career roadblocks, spiritual battles and the likes pale in comparison to who God says you are, and what He has in store for you as your trust Him.

You Stand Out (2)

You are: Unique. Covered. Chosen. Favored. Blessed. Beautiful. Protected. Anointed. Guided. Assured. Necessary. Wonderful. Valuable. Redeemed. Important. On purpose. Appreciated. Admired. Prosperous. Healed. Restored. Destined. By design. Fabulous. Graceful. Classy. Purpose-filled. An overcomer. Above that (whatever your stressful “that” is) and Loved by the Lord!

God has BIG plans for you, girl! Brush yourself off and get up with a bold confidence in Christ, that shows to the watching world. I’m telling you. He has BIG plans for you! When you make it to where you’re on your way to make sure you are your best from head to toe, and everything in-between and from within. I don’t care what the troubles of this world may be trying to tell you, YOU, my sister are God’s special joy and He will make sure no one, or no thing takes away the glory He gets from, and gives through you. So, in the words of my Mama, “Put on your lip gloss, your high heels and keep it moving.”

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