A Blessing is a Blessing Even When It Doesn’t Feel Like It

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Ever had something that was once considered a blessing then something happened and it started feeling like it was sent straight from the devil’s zip code? Well, I have.

In December of 2013, I finally made the move to buy a new vehicle, as my car that I’d had since 2002 decided it was in need of a break. I purchased the vehicle, was initially excited then eventually started having trouble out of it that I shall not discuss as to not revisit those lovely emotions I experienced. While to some, the issue I had might have appeared minuscule. To me it was major enough. My first thought was, “Drats, I wish I could just go back to my old car.” But I couldn’t, so I didn’t. I then entertained the gamut of wild and rapid questions like, “How will I afford to pay for it?”, “How can I pay insurance on two cars?”, “Where will I get money for gas?”


I pressed on and drove the newer vehicle, grateful that I had the credit to buy it and growing in certainty that the Lord was going to give me the monthly cash to keep it. When the 2014 winter storms hit I was stuck in downtown Birmingham, AL more than 35 miles from my home. As with many, I glided and was guided by guardian angels who allowed me to make it to my godmothers house just 10 miles away. It took four hours just to get 10 miles. As I was taking off my boots in the warm comfort of the room I used to nap in as a child when I was sick (or pretended to be sick) I thought about how much worse my drive to Powderly could have been had I been in my old car rather than my newer, bigger, and safer truck. I realized then that a blessing is a blessing even when it doesn’t feel like it. God knew I would need that truck, and no matter how much I tried to go back to what was He wouldn’t let me.

Acura MDX

Fast-forward to now, and I’m in the throes of revisiting some tough choices that many might not have understood (many meaning me too) and having recently made some difficult decisions personally that I believe with my whole heart are in my best interest and will pay off for me in the end. And yes, it feels like these choices are bringing along companions that would like nothing more than to drench my dreams with doubt and a splash of “you know you should have just kept things the way they were”, but I have to believe that these decisions too, are a blessing. I have to believe, and I do, that like the newer truck that I tried to give back not one, not two but three times, these choices will one day help guide and glide me safely to where I’m supposed to be with an AWESOME, AWESOME story attached.


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