Oh, Say? You Might See!

For 40 days during this year’s Lenten season I fasted from the most non-traditional sacrifice I’ve ever offered. I fasted from commenting, critiquing and offering my two-cents worth on things and people. (See the post below.)


Not that I, at all, am a gossip, messy or mean girl with loose lips, but for me the challenge was holding my tongue when it came to people who did things that hurt people I love or me. Making it through Lent was a struggle, and I had a slip up from time-to-time but I made it through. Thank God for Jesus!

One thing that was revealed to me during this relative time of silence is that often the things that happen to us can be the result of the things we’ve said or shared about others…even if those things were true. I’ve learned and lived through the fact that, just because it’s truth doesn’t mean it needs to be told.


We’ve all been, or have known the person who’s known for gossip. You know the secret whisper who’s always pulling others to the side in semi-silent chatter? Or the person who’s name pops up on your caller ID and you instantly know the topic of conversation will be about somebody else’s issues? Or the social media blaster whose status posts are rarely personal but pertain to business belonging to other people? My favorite, however, is the kind, caring companion who comes in the name of “prayer” to really to share other people’s bees-wax.

I don’t want myself or anyone I know to reap the unfortunate harvest of seeds that were sown because of commenting on another person’s marriage then end up with trouble in their own. I don’t want anyone I know to be whispering at the family function about what another person’s child has done then have to see the same or worse in their own. I don’t want any of us to have to walk the road of humiliation because we’ve aided in the pain of another’s embarassment by spreading news about their hurt.


I charge us all to think of the tune of the National Anthem when it comes to repeating or commenting on things related to others. Oh, Say? You Might See… (now let that marinate for a moment…)


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