I Don’t Want It Unless It’s Right, and Right for Me

A recent conversation with a younger person tickled me as I reflected on how I once was. In need of a job, this person said something that triggered an alarm in me reminiscent of a middle school recess bell. With blatant desperation she said, “I don’t care what I do. I just want a job.” Softly, with age-old wisdom I said, “Yikes!”

When she said it my skin did a little internal twitch as I felt the unbridled urgency in her voice, but also knew the danger of settling while desperate. Now, I’m not all advocating against doing what you have to do to advance in the best, healthiest way possible. I’m speaking more to the spirit of settling. In my opinion, settling is for pilgrims. (Get it?) So I began to share with her some of the mistakes and mishaps that can happen by simply wanting, rather than wanting what’s right.

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I don’t want it unless it’s right, and right for me. Here’s why.

  • I don’t just want a job. I want a career I look forward to even when I don’t like it, or some of the cast of co-workers that come along with it. I want a career that sings to my passions and the purpose of why I was created, also leading to the legacy I’m supposed to sow on earth. I want a career at a place that is both professionally and financially rewarding, but also fun, appreciative of my work and conducive to the social and family life I desire (and deserve). I want a career that will place me in contact with mentors, mentees and cool co-workers or counterparts who make what I do even more meaningful, and make me better.


  • I don’t just want a man. I want a man who loves the Lord, loves himself, loves me, likes me, is caring, funny, and sociable, but embraces my introversion when it needs to breathe. I want a man who comes from a loving family or has healed from any family pains he might have endured, fits within my family, has similar goals and interests, but isn’t my “male twin” so that his strengths can become mine and mine his. I want a man who isn’t afraid to listen, speak or change, is a hard worker, who also understands and implements the Biblical need for balance. I want a man who is confident within himself, supportive of me, and doesn’t shy away from being both my quarterback who can lead me to the end zone and my cheerleader who can pep me up and push me to the top of the pyramid.

Lead Me and Lift Me (2)

  • I don’t just want a house, or a car, or some friends, or a hobby or a church home or anything else. I ONLY want those things and people who are assigned and designed to help me be who I am supposed to be.

While none of my wants ever come in expected ways, I’m confident enough in God’s unexpected always being excellent. I hope my younger job-seeking friend is reading this and comes to know and share the same as God pours out His absolute best for her. And believe me, when He says it’s right, oh, it’s RIGHT!!!


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