Try a Little TLC

Wow! Things in this world are changing! For some, it may seem like no help is in sight. We know through Psalm 121:1 that we can lift up our eyes to the hills, from whence cometh our help, but sometimes it‘s hard, to lift up when life seems to be weighing down.

So, what’s it going to take to get God to move on our behalf? He loves us. We’re created by Him to be like Him. He promised to supply all our needs . He guarantees healing. So what’s the hold up? Could it be that while we are waiting on God to move He’s really waiting on us?

Most of us have heard the acronym TLC. For some it stands for tender, loving care. But I believe it must represent Teaching, Learning and Changing.  TLC is what it’s going to take for our breakthrough and new beginning.

In order to not “be conformed” to this world, and the wild and crazy things happening in it there has to be TEACHING. Teaching can be tough as it often challenges the basis of what we thought we already knew, and you know we think we already know. After teaching, must come LEARNING. You can possibly remember people from grade school who took the same classes and had the same opportunities but something happened to cause them to have to repeat. Could it have been lack of learning? Just because there’s teaching doesn’t mean there’s learning. Learning says WE have to do whatever WE have to do to take the responsibility to retain and recite what you have been taught. God forbid we have to repeat a few classes. After teaching and learning comes change! CHANGING can possibly be the toughest leg of this tripod but boy, oh boy, once you get it, you’ve got it! Changing says that we surrender to God’s newness in our lives, forsaking the old and positioning ourself for His best for us and through us. Changing says we are ready and willing to be new!


So the next time the troubles of this world are weighing down don’t give up try a little TLC…Teaching, Learning and Changing!


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