The Gas Isn’t Cheaper on the Other Side

We all know that gas prices have not gotten the “you need to drop, and drop fast” memo. Prices in Birmingham, Alabama are downright shocking! With that said, one day after work I needed to fill up.


I’d already written a blog post about my car of just five months and trying multiple times to take it back. Seeing gas prices shoot up certainly didn’t sit well with me. (See the blog post below.)

With just 90 miles left in my tank, and not quite home I pulled into the recommended gas station the dealership suggested shortly after I purchased the car. My car requires premium gas (Gasp!!! I know, right!), but can use mid-grade from only a few special gas stations. So I pulled into the widely known gas station and noticed the mid-grade price was $3.83. Immediately, I thought, “Nope, not gonna pay that”.

I decided to reapply the gas cap, hop back in my car, turn the air back on, buckle back up, check for a text before I pulled off, find a song on the radio, wait a minute to inch into traffic, sit at a red traffic light braving the Highway 119 traffic, and head across the street to a lesser known (in other words “cheaper”) gas station with hopes of their premium gas prices being better than the mid-grade gas station. My thought was if their regular gas was nearly $.15 less than most then surely their premium gas would be too. Low and behold I whipped my car into an available lane only to discover that their premium gas was $3.99. What the what?!?!?


After all I did to get to the cheaper gas station I ended up having to reapply the gas cap, buckle up, squeeze past a man with his hood up, inch back to the traffic light, brave Highway 119 and go wayyyyyyyyyyy back across the street to where I should have stayed. I should have known to just stick with what was right and recommended for me, especially if that meant it would keep my car in tip-top condition. Why did what was working for me no longer seem to be working just because of the minor (and temporary) inconvenience of a few cents in increase? Why is it often that same way in life?

The moral of this story is: The gas isn’t always cheaper on the other side, and if it is, the cheaper kind may be MORE expensive in the end.




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