Listen, Man!!!

I love men.

With that said, and after hearing of another unfortunate divorce of another Godly couple I must say this:

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Men, if you want to be married realize that it requires you to work and for you to be worked on (first and always). Realize you are well able, equipped and mandated by the Lord to work well at your marriage (first and always), have your own personal “kinks” worked out and also work well at your career, in ministry, on your sermons, on your golf game, toward your investments, on the court or field, on your physique, or in whatever other area God has called you.

You can do it all…at the same time! Why? Because it’s God’s desire that you prosper in be in good health, EVEN as your soul prospers (3 John 3:1) . For you, dear, sweet man, it is not an either or. It’s an all of the above. You deserve it all. The Lord loves you enough to know that a healthy marriage, and a successful personal and career life are what you need in order for you to fully, truthfully, and successfully do what He created you to do. And let me tell you, He created you to do BIG things, boo! But the key is you have to surrender to His will, surround yourself with the right kind of people, stick with the program and stay away from patterns and practices that don’t work even if that’s how your father, spiritual father, or father figure did it.


Listen, man! You can do it! I believe in my whole heart that you can be a successful husband, father, son, boss, employee, teammate, mentor, brother and friend. Won’t you believe the same? You absolutely can do it all as long as you move with a purpose to work at it (whatever your “it” may be) as unto the Lord. You can reap the benefits of balance. You can be (genuinely) honored at home and in the world. You can live at peace and have a wife and children who respect, adore and like you by choice. You can have a family that cherishes you while having a career that celebrates you.



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