Do Yourself a Favor and Don’t Do It

This will probably be a short blog post.

Having spent a year and a half in a Church of the Highlands divorce support small group one of the things I learned from others and observed in myself is that when you’re fresh off the heels of something old you do not want to enter into something new. That goes for the ones who are exiting the marriage and the ones who think they want to be the ones to enter in next.


There’s an old saying that says, “fools rush in”. Tis true. Rushing in to be the next one after a person has divorced and ESPECIALLY if they are still legally married (I don’t care what he or she tells you) is not a wise move. It’s like moving into a house where someone forgot to take out the garbage for as many years as a person has been married. There has to be time to heal, get rid of the stinky garbage, and sort things out. That takes a concentrated effort to do so, after a divorce, and to do so distraction-free. Point. Blank. Period.

If you’ve ever considered dating someone who is separated or recently divorced do yourself a favor and don’t do it.



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