God Does Not Punch a Time Clock

One of the hardest lessons in life I’m still grappling with learning is the fact that God does not punch a time clock. In fact, He’s not on our payroll, enrollment plan, benefits package or employee roster. He runs this!

All off my early life I’d planned on things happening by a certain time in my life, in a certain way, with (or without) certain people, at a certain rate of rapidness, and with certainty. Welp, the mere fact that I’m writing a blog post called “God Does Not Punch a Time Clock” should tell you that little, to nothing that I planned on happening happened when or how I planned on it happening.


I would like to say that I’m A-okay with that, but I try to be as truthful and as transparent as possible in my posts so I have to admit that more times than I can count I don’t like waiting.

At a dinner with friends recently the conversation turned to relationships. (Are you surprised???) Only one of the women present was married. The rest of us weren’t even in dating relationships. We talked a lot about what we wanted, what we’d lost and wanted again and that old, faithful conversation piece…God’s timing. Being grown, and having grown enough in Jesus, we all understood the concept of God’s timing, but that still doesn’t take away the desire for marriage, new careers, more provision, greater ministry opportunities, or simply more to have in order to give. Low and behold, the married one gingerly whipped out these beautiful bookmarks she selected for us, placing them in front of us without saying a word. Much to our surprise (although it should not have been) they were about trusting God and His timing. The Lord was so strategic in sending His message, the bookmarks even had my favorite scriptures on it (just in case I missed the point.)


I thought about God’s timing after that. Something dawned on me that will carry me through to until my dreams come true. God truly does not punch a time clock. He’s on His own schedule on His own terms for His own glory and our own good. That means there will be some things that He simply will not allow to happen as soon or as swiftly as we desire. Why? Because He runs this, and that’s a good thing! BUT….because God does not punch a time clock there will be some things that He will absolutely allow to happen faster, more fervently and frequently than our little minds could have ever imagined. Why? Because He runs this, and that’s a good thing!



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