I Saw the Sun

Life Gets Better


I woke up late this morning after staying up late last night being empowered, entertained and stretched (in my dancing skills) by the most amazing teenagers at a leadership camp. We laughed, we cried, we learned and we shared. Instead of my usual 4am rise, I rolled over only to see 5am staring back at me. Still, in my delayed rising, I didn’t rush. Something in me didn’t want to rush, but simply embrace the moment and all of its unfamiliarity. I took my time pulling out one of the best older sundresses I have and a blazer to match. I took my time applying my Wet n Wild coordinating eyeshadow, while taking great care to make sure my coif was cute. I made sure my oatmeal was ready to go, got in about 15 minutes of worship with my Pandora “Richard Smallwood” station and I proceeded to head to another day doing what I…

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