Fix Your Wig If You Have To

While walking down the hall at work recently I caught a glimpse of myself. My black and red, belted “shirt” dress adorned with stately looking, little connected squirrels (yes, you read correctly) was pleasantly in place. My comfortable wedge sandals were the perfect mix of fashion and comfort allowing the hot pink on my toes to be tastefully shown. Much to my chagrin, I noticed that from the time I’d arrived dark and early that morning to the moment I viewed my view in the glass my wig had shifted. It wasn’t too bad, but still, I’m certain that it was noticeable even to the eye unskilled in hair accessory placement. Plus, I knew it wasn’t right.


Knowing it wasn’t right, and knowing that there were several yards and three floors before my destination I debated as to whether to fix the wig or leave it as is. Maybe the wig shift challenged my sanity, but something in me felt embarrassed about fixing it in public, even though what was required wouldn’t have been much. For a brief moment I contemplated leaving the wig wop-sided as if correcting the problem was more of a problem than the problem. That’s a problem. You feel me?

Why is it in life we are sometimes fearful of or embarrassed by fixing what is wrong? As if we think people don’t know what’s wrong is actually wrong, we often would rather ignore the problem like it’s not there than take the time publicly or privately to make sure it’s not there. It’s up to us to recognize our issues and address them. The alternative, after all, is usually no secret. We know what’s wrong. People know what’s wrong and the longer what’s wrong stays wrong the worse it gets.

That day, as I strolled in my squirrel shirtdress, I decided to fix my wig. Right there on the first floor of my job, under the beautiful crystal-like chandelier I wiggled that wig to the right so it would no longer be wrong. Chile, I’m glad I did! I see now that the wig is more than a wig. It was what was representing me and anything less than fabulous locks laid in place simply wasn’t right for me. The same is so in life. There are some things we have to fix no matter who’s watching us fix it. I’m sure you will feel the same the next time you take the bold steps to correct something that’s off course, mend something that’s broken, change something that’s not working or fix something that’s out of place. Fix your wig (and your life) if you have to.



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