I Saw the Sun


I woke up late this morning after staying up late last night being empowered, entertained and stretched (in my dancing skills) by the most amazing teenagers at a leadership camp. We laughed, we cried, we learned and we shared. Instead of my usual 4am rise, I rolled over only to see 5am staring back at me. Still, in my delayed rising, I didn’t rush. Something in me didn’t want to rush, but simply embrace the moment and all of its unfamiliarity. I took my time pulling out one of the best older sundresses I have and a blazer to match. I took my time applying my Wet n Wild coordinating eyeshadow, while taking great care to make sure my coif was cute. I made sure my oatmeal was ready to go, got in about 15 minutes of worship with my Pandora “Richard Smallwood” station and I proceeded to head to another day doing what I love to do.

Because of my tardiness I was able to see something I don’t often see in the mornings. I saw the sun. My normal morning drive frequently consists of an occassional family of deer, ducks who can be heard quacking, but not seen splashing, the neighborhood rabbit, a lot of squinting to make sure a leaf is a leaf and not a turtle, and the three dogs that hang out at O’Dark Thirty along the stretch leading out of my area. This morning however was different. I saw the sun.


Cloudy skies

Through clouds as intimidating as the Ghostbusters “Stay Puft Marshmallow Man”, I could see rays of light. Rather than having to safely and slowly maneuver my way through a glob of visual nothingness I could see luscious green trees, two red birds frolicking, a clear path ahead  and I could see the sun.

photo 1 photo

photo 1

Last night, right in the middle of my country line dance instructions  I received a text message from a dear loved one that nearly sent me to my knees, and not because I wasn’t used to exercising so much energy on the dance floor. The message was a call for prayer for healing. This morning while driving and choosing to focus on the sun rather than the clouds I was reminded that it’s through the unusual (like waking up late), or in the midst of dark days (like most of my mornings driving into town), or following the unexpected (like the text message) that the Son truly, truly shines. Instantly I was reminded that God’s word is true. By His stripes we are healed, and according to our faith be it done unto us. My God is a healer and He has never failed. The initial feeling in my stomach when I saw the text message was that very similar to one I would get as a child when I was in trouble or afraid. My tummy initially went into a tiny tailspin. This morning, tossing my regular routine out of the window and being able to take time to see the sun was a reminder of the power of the Son. 

My God, who specializes in miracles, signs and wonders, was not caught off guard by the news received yesterday. And He is well able to provide a breakthrough in my loved ones life just like He allowed the sun to peek through those clouds. He said He could. I believe He will. It’s no wonder the Lord allowed me to dance the night away last night. I feel it was preparations for a celebration, dah-lings!


There’s Always a Chance to Change

Life Gets Better

Change can be hard. I’m sorry if you thought otherwise. However, change is as necessary as it can be difficult. Even more, it’s as possible as it can be challenging. Having had to make a change or two a time or two in my life I’ve come to realize that there are some steps we can take to help make the ultimate steps to something new.

Change for the better

I remember learning “Stop. Drop and Roll.” at my dear, sweet Stonewall Jackson Elementary School in Birmingham, Alabama(Go Eagles!). “Stop. Drop and Roll” was the catch-phrase for what we should do in case of fire. They drilled that mantra in our heads until it was second nature to know how to say it and do it.

Needing to make a change in important areas of life can be overwhelming. It can feel like we’re under fire! The heat from stress, pressure from others, feeling like a failure, dealing with doubt, avoiding…

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Follow the Leader

Follow the leader…one of my favorite games as a child and one of my favorite hits by Eric B. and Rakim. I was reminded of the term follow the leader while driving home from work one day.


On a sunny, May day, I was stopped about two miles from my house by a road construction crew. There was a gentleman braving the 80 degree Alabama heat and intoxicating smell of roadwork to stand outside and stop drivers from passing through as other workers paved the road. The smell of concrete was intensely strong, and the wait time while the young man bobbed his head and held up a tall stop sign seemed to take forever.


Finally, the mid-day safety patrolman received word that we could pass through, and a white truck approached. The driver of the white Ford truck motioned with his hands for the waiting car to follow him. The car in front of me and I followed him from the dark, smooth, newly paved road we were on to a pile of uncomfortable, rocky pavement. As I endured the bumpy journey and recalled how long I had to wait to even start moving in traffic again I thought, “I should have just gone another way.” Just as I was about to get irritated, a stretch of smooth, newly paved road appeared again. As if he or she was reading my mind, the driver in front of me switched to the paved road. I did too. The crew driver of the white truck didn’t switch over to the smoother path, but stayed the course, bopping along on the rocky road. To me, this was weird since I assumed we’d reach the end of the road construction.

Low and behold, and snatched straight out of a life lesson from the Lord, I noticed a big, black piece of massive equipment sitting about 500 yards ahead. You guessed it. It was on the smooth road and would have been blocking our path to our final destination. Plus it was the bearer of the stinky stuff! So, like little soldiers, the other car and I quickly dipped back down to the rocky road, following the white Ford pickup making it safely to Saddle Lake (my neighborhood).

The moral to this story is: The Lord knows what’s ahead.  He doesn’t mind doing whatever it takes to make sure we reach our final destination safely and sound. He’ll do that even if it means leading us temporarily down bumpy roads in order to reach smooth ground.