Divorce 101: A Victory is a Victory is a Victory


One of the things I can say about divorce or any unexpected loss is that it has a good way of showing you the good that is in you if you let it. There’s something about trials, as I reflect on James 1:12, that show you what you’re made of, or being made into.


I’ve seen fathers work two jobs and a healthy hustle on the side just to be able to provide their children’s needs and a few of their wants. I’ve watched women who couldn’t stomach a sip of water following their loss go from being far too little to, well, you get my drift. I’ve seen couples who are no longer couples who had severe, severe communication challenges be able to be genuinely civil for the sake of the greater good. I’ve seen people with the thought of yardwork, balancing bills, cooking, budget shopping, taking out the garbage, combing children’s hair or simply getting out of bed go from “I can’t do it” to “Let me show you how it’s done”. I’ve seen all of that from people like you and me who have gone through what many can only thankfully witness from afar.

Today, I challenge you to look back at the old you in the early days of your separation, divorce or loss and regardless of how small you think of each victory you’ve gained still put it on the scoreboard, consider it a win and share your game plan and celebration with those in need. After all, a victory is a victory is a victory!



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