Nobody Cares About Me

Last night I had the opportunity to enjoy a great evening with “Girls of Fall” an event sponsored by Birmingham Magazine and The Reese’s Senior Bowl. It was a fun evening at Birmingham, Alabama’s Hyatt-Wynfrey Hotel, with a focus on all things football and the women who love the game. I was blessed to be able to receive the tickets after an acquaintance posted on Facebook that she had some available. In need of a little fun, especially at the cost of it being free, I quickly jumped on sending a message, offered my heartfelt “thank you” to her when she said she had two for me and whispered a very sincere “thank you Jesus” to Jesus because I knew He knew I needed it.


The night at the event could not have been better. I was excited about winning a gift certificate to Dreamland Barbecue, about making it home in time to talk to my nieces on the phone and arriving in time to catch the last little bit of Braxton Family Values. Busying myself preparing for the next day, and listening (with a side of watching) at the same time I was stopped in my tracks when in the midst of their growing family tensions and more frequent family arguments Towanda Braxton yelled through my television screen, “nobody cares about me”, just as she shattered wine and water glasses across the table with painfully visible tears streaming down her camera-ready face. That scene was hard to watch, and even harder to wrap my head and heart around. I don’t know what was behind Towanda’s statement, and suspect we’ll gain more insight in the weeks to come, but what I do know is I felt for her when she said it, and I’m sure she’s not the only one who feels or has felt that way.

Seeing her vulnerable, uncontrolled display of disappointment, hurt, anger, pain, rejection and the likes made me think of a post I wrote a while ago called The Incredible Invisible Woman. It also made me think of the times life, or the people I’ve allowed in it have allowed the devil to convince me that nobody cares about me. Even more, it made me think of the persons, who, in desperation, or an attempt at what they perceive is self-preservation take this stance choosing to isolate themselves from others, viewing life through the stained glasses of cynicism, operating in lack of trust of all things human, and God-forbid choosing to take their own lives or the life of another.

Again, I don’t know what sparked Towanda’s outburst. What I do know is that many of us at one point or another has felt that way. What I do know is that there are SO MANY people who do love, care, notice, appreciate, admire, and need us. Yes, there is Jesus. Absolutely! And because He cares like nobody else can, He always makes sure there are others here on earth to remind us through a simple hug, a sincere text message, an unwavering presence, a supportive suggestion, an offer to help, an invitation to lunch, a listening ear, a sturdy shoulder to lean or cry on or even free tickets to a fabulous, football-based event.  What I do know is that the lie the devil tries to tell some of us is that we are an outcast, left out on the cold, over looked, mistreated, unloved, unwanted or unimportant is just that, a lie. No matter the age, race, stage in life, birthplace, birth order, bank account, occupation, area code,societal success, disability, or anything else we all have people who care. Get it? Got it? Good.

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