Sure, We Can Hang All Day. But Can You Pray?

The Lord is allowing me to go through a test, one in which I thought I was over and done with, once and for all. Surprise! I’m not! I believe I did pass the initial test the first time I took it, but I believe now I am approaching my graduate level finals. For me, it would have been nice to realize that I was still being schooled on this lesson and being prepped for another degree, so to speak, but I missed that memo. Lol! It appears I’ve been in class all along with a bit more to learn and show on this particular subject. Anywho, I’m being tested and there’s nothing I can do about it but trust the instructions of the Teacher, study the Book, utilize my study group support, pass with flying colors, throw my tassel in the air and break out in a mean cabbage patch dance when I am done. 

With that said, after the weight of my impending exam began pressing down a bit harder recently I did what I normally do. I prayed. I pulled Scripture out of my arsenal. I’m fasting. I recalled past testimonies in this area from loved ones and me. I purposely fix my mind and mouth on pleasant things as not to get distracted, and so on and so on. I also consulted some friends, even on social media) sharing my concerns and my need for prayer without having to share my exact need. Wouldn’t you know it. I’ve been flooded with “gotcha chicks”, “praying” and “we’re in it to win it”. I’ve received funny jokes, powerful songs, right on time scriptures, amazing prophesies, early morning text messages, offers to help, Facebook reminders of what God can do, and the likes.


Now, while my situation hasn’t yet changed my attitude and spirit surely have. That’s the beauty of, and purpose for true friendship. Sure, we can hang all day. But can you pray? I have been blessed with a multitude of great people with whom I am able to laugh, break bread, enjoy events and activities or simply interact with at any given time, but at the heart of each of them is something equally as spiritual as it is social. We can talk about make up, food, spa packages, vacation trips, how cute we look, our relationship matters, Alabama football, our favorite 80’s boy bands, politics, religion or reality tv, but it’s the fact that if I ask any of them to lift me in prayer, need known or not, they are able and willing with enough bold (crazy) faith behind it to believe, and they know they can ask the same of me. None of them are in a position right now to change my position, but they can pray. No one has asked “what’s going on or going wrong”, but they have prayed. No one has encouraged the 35211 (Google it) to come out, but they have prayed. No one has said it’s impossible, but they have prayed.

 help from friends

In the midst of my need for a Bible-sized miracle I have to take account of and say thank you for the powerfully simple persons who pray. For that and for them, I am beyond, beyond grateful. As I seek prayer, I pray that we all have people who can pray with and for us and that we are mindful to do the same.



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