Find a Reason to Laugh

Life Gets Better

Life is “interesting” enough as it to make it even more complicated by frowning, pouting, sulking and sinking into a negative pity party. Now, I’ll be the first to say that it’s okay to cry. Crying is cleansing and sometimes gets a bad rap. But staying, and being comfortable in a place of despair is not meant for us. Life is too short and too long to linger in sorrow. We have to find a reason to laugh!


It tickles me, literally sometimes, to see the new generation’s thought of beauty that is often depicted as a growl or grimace, that, in my opinion is simply not cute. It’s becoming more and more acceptable to be angry, mean and mad, and walk around with a sourpuss face like the mouth isn’t designed to also turn in a more happy, pleasant direction.


We have to be determined to find a reason to laugh…

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