I Wanna Be a Cry Baby

Having the privilege to closely watch my two youngest nieces grow up is a joy and an honor. They bring so much laughter and wonder to the world, and have truly transformed the landscape of my life. I don’t take their presence in my life for granted, knowing that they were both Heaven sent for such a time as this for our family and the world.


With that said, because of the closeness we share I’m able to often be around to witness their epic crying spells. You name it, at ages two and four they can be set off like a firecracker display on the 4th of July from one of my favorite movies, Shag. Not being able to watch “Peppa Pig”, not having their favorite popsicle color, not wanting to share, not getting their way, not feeling well, not being able to find their sunglasses or headband, not being able to wear flip flops in winter, not feeling clean (you catch my drift), not having their parents around, not understanding “no”, and so many other things can trigger some eye showers that rival that of a New York City park fountain.

When I say these girls can cry, ohhhhhhwwwwweeee, they can cry. But, just like that, a change in condition, a distraction, a met need, or simply a silly gesture from the other can dry up those tears faster than ink dries on the loose leaf paper of a fourth grade student. It’s amazing. It really is. They can turn on the tears, let them flow with or without what we might deem valid reasons, then stop…just like that. Once it’s over, rarely is there a return. There’s no holding on to whatever made them cry. There’s no revisiting it. In fact, sometimes they literally don’t even remember it. There’s no holding grudges at whomever was the target of those tears.  There’s no talking about it over and over. There’s no allowing the haziness of their eyes and saturated cheeks to stop them from resuming their very busy world of playing, swaying and eating. There’s no good night’s sleep compliments of a hearty cry then waking up the next morning to start the tear-fest over again. They have this uncanny ability to get it out and keep it moving. I love it and admire that quality in them. Yes, they are some cry babies at times. But if all I have to do is realize I have the power to get it out and keep it moving then I wanna be a cry baby too. 



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