One of These Legs is Not Like the Other One

Sunday, September 14, 2014 was a revelatory day for me. While enjoying the fun and food at Birmingham, Alabama’s Trucks by the Track I was reminded by my sister that my bra on the left side was showing over my black and white striped sundress. This dress, in particular, has always been one of my favorites as it’s fashionable and flowly all in one. It’s the perfect frock for a food truck fest. The problem is, regardless of when I wear it and what I wear it with my bra on the left side always seems to inch up to be seen. I’m a lady, in the truest, southern-sense of the word so I don’t delight in having my “secrets” by Victoria or Delta Burke (Google it) seen. Having had that particular maxi-dress in my wardrobe a few years I’ve attempted to overcome the undergarment issue by adjusting the straps all the way to the end. Still, within a few minutes of wearing it, even if I put a jacket on top, I am challenged by an unwanted game of peek-a-boo bra.


Not that this dress is the only one who has given me a run for my money. There have been others, including a beautiful white sundress purchased at the Ross Dress for Less in Destin, Florida that caused me to sew the left side up so that the adjustable strap wouldn’t move. I eventually got rid of it. Never did it occur to me that the placement on the left side strap of a lot of things I own(ed) had to be adjusted higher or tighter than the right, or that my left pant leg would often get caught in my pump, or that my left heel would seldom slip out of my shoe…for most of my life. So, while standing there with a fresh, hot Hooked fish and chips basket in my hand I made a bold declaration, “One of my legs is longer than the other.” As if they had been waiting to hear me say that, my mama nodded with a look of agreement only a loving mother offer and my sister blurted out (as only she could), “And I know which one it is too. It’s that left one that’s shorter. Uuuhhhmmm, that’s the one.”

And just like that my 40+ years of standing tall and proud (not always proud, but now super proud) as a 5 foot 9 inch woman was cut short(er). “What the world?!?!?!?”, was my first thought. Then the questions started popping off in my mind and thankfully being answered, as if straight from Heaven, at the same time.

  • You mean to tell me I’m even far less perfect than I already thought? (Yes, you are and God will make sure you don’t ever forget it.)
  • Why hadn’t I known this sooner? (So that it wouldn’t get stuck in your mind and hinder my movement spiritually more than physically.)
  • My left leg is actually a few inches shorter? (Yes, it is. It’s not that big of a deal. It’s quite common. Plus it matters not and won’t hinder your motion.)
  • What would a shorter left leg mean for me? (It will mean what it’s meant all of these years…absolutely nothing, other than beefing up your sewing skills when needed, and monitoring your “southern girl switching” when necessary.)
  • What would the world think? (They’d think what they have always thought, or likely wouldn’t be thinking of you at all, boo.)
  • How would I go on? (Just like I have all along one leg at a time. Now get to steppin’!!!)


The moral of this message is: You can still keep it moving, even if things come up short.



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