Prince Charming Isn’t Real, But Cinderella Is

Life Gets Better



Boy, oh boy, did Disney deal us a doozy! How many of us have dreamed of, prayed for, waited on, or talked about our “Prince Charming”? Most, if not many, I’m sure. We’ve possibly thought that our lives would be better if we could just find that “perfect” Prince Charming, or our problems would be over if we were married, or at least in a relationship. We might have even invested in the notion that we could be happy if we “just had someone to love us”. Well, not to be the bearer of bad news, but Prince Charming isn’t real.  In fact, Prince Charming isn’t real, but Cinderella is.  You, my sister/friend are Cinderella 2.0. That’s right, there’s some Cinderella in all of us. I’m remembering the story of the beautiful young woman who was dealt tragic circumstances in life but rose above the obstacles and rose to the…

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