Relationships: The Remix

Life Gets Better

There’s nothing like a good relationship remix. You know the ones that started out one way and ended up another, or ended up one way and started over again? I’m not just speaking of romantic involvement, but good, old fashioned family and friends.


The best relationship remixes are the ones I couldn’t see coming even if I had Superman’s x-ray vision. I’ve had best friends that turned out to be boyfriends and ended up as true friends. I’ve had church members that ended up as close as family members. I’ve had club sisters that I now value as much as blood sisters. I’ve had critics that developed into cheerleaders. I’ve even had friends that morphed into frienemies and moved right back into friends again.

Recently I had an opportunity to catch up with a friend from college. We’d not talked in-depth in about two years, but during this latest conversation we laughed…

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