My Next Man Will Be a Chocolate Cake Man

Recently I had a chance to speak to some women at a women’s conference hosted by Voice of Faith International Ministries in Helena, Alabama. My topic was Life After Divorce. It still surprises me sometimes that this subject has been added to my arsenal of testimonies, especially since I thought I was already packing a pretty heavy punch. In other words, I didn’t ask for this.


It amazed me at the conference that more of the women than I’d imagined there had traveled the same journey as I. Their stories were familiar, their pain so identifiable, their words encouraging and their strength awe-inspiring. My time with them made me think of cake.


One thing I don’t often delve into is the fact that I fully plan on being a wife again. I don’t ever want to become or be seen as that woman obsessed with a man. I’m happy with where I am, but have hope regarding where I’ll end up. I look at it this way…My last stop on the love train was just a layover until my final destination. Anywho, my best guy friend recently gave me “the 411” on my past dating snafus and offered a little (tough) advice. He let me have it (yikes!) “Stay away from the pretty boys and popular men. They haven’t done you well. You need a good, real man who can put you first, put up with you, put you in your place (in a good way cause you’re spoiled), support your dreams, let you help him and still be the man,” he said. With that said, and with no prospect in mind I’d like to declare that my next man will be a chocolate cake man. What does that mean? Glad you asked.


I have an affinity for food, especially food from fancy places. Flemings Prime Steakhouse is one of my favorite places to dine in Birmingham. They offer a Chocolate Lava Cake that is the business! This cake is so special in so many ways. (Not too oddly) it reminds me of the man I know God has for me.

  • The Chocolate Lava Cake is a unique. Not everyone has the liberty to enjoy it or the less than inexpensive meals that often accompany it. It costs you something. It’s exclusive. It’s from the hands of a skilled culinary chef who makes certain that it is good, wonderfully made and pleasing to the intended party. This cake is special. (Sounds like my kind of man.)
  • The Chocolate Lava Cake takes time to receive. About mid-way through a meal at Fleming’s a server comes to ask if you are familiar with their cake, and if you would like to order it because it takes about 20 minutes to make and bake. Not to be confused with your average slice and serve cake out of a cold, commercial fridge, this cake takes its precious time to be perfected. It is well worth the wait. (Sounds like my kind of man.)
  • The Chocolate Lava Cake makes its presence known. Before it even arrives to your table the bold scent of the cake permeates the restaurant’s celebratory atmosphere. There is no denying that this cake is coming. There is no question when it arrives. And there is definitely no doubt that it won’t disappoint you. (Sounds like my kind of man.)
  • The Chocolate Lava Cake brings so much more to the table than just cake. It is so plenteous, offering the most delicious accompaniments in the form of the cool, creamy vanilla ice cream, robust chopped pistachios, ripened red raspberries, and a hand-crafted pistachio cookie which gently cradles the ice cream. This cake is prepared to exceed expectations. (Sounds like my kind of man.)
  • The Chocolate Lava Cake is more than meets the eye. At first glance you see a chocolate cake and its additional offerings. That would appear to be sufficient to the average palate. (I’ve accepted finally that I’m not average.) However, once you cut through the delicacy there awaits the beloved Belgian chocolate. Belgian chocolate is the good stuff, the REALLY good stuff. Taking the polished silver fork and gently placing it through the center of the cake unleashes a rush of sweet, rich, beautiful chocolate that freely flows covering the surface, blending perfectly with the melted cream which has succumb to the heat of the cake.  The true treasure of this cake is found at its core…the center, the heart, the parts not accessed by all, but of which it gives of itself so liberally to the intended. (Sounds like my kind of man.)

There’s so much more I could say about this cake as it relates to who I believe is coming. I’ll hold that for another blog post at another time because I recognize and accept that I have had a tendency to get caught up in the cake and not focus on the feast ALREADY in front of me. So in the meantime, I’ll be grateful for where I am and plan my next trip to Fleming’s…LOL!



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