Do It For Yourself

Playing a quick round of overdue catch up with a friend while enjoying Insomnia Cookies and a few laughs I was issued a command. “Do it for yourself” were the sternly needed words that resounded over the electric fall buzz and chatter in the coffee shop I just so happened to have snuck my warm peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies into. I was joking with my friend about having trip envy over some upcoming travels they were looking forward to. I need a vacation. And I need it soon and very soon. ASAP.


I believe I’ve blogged about this before, most recently in Gimme a Break. I, in no way desire to be a Destination Debbie Downer, BUT I haven’t been on a plane since January 2014 and my feet have yet to twinkle my toes in sand this year. This summer I had the daunting task of filling 40 positions between May and August so there was no time away for more than one day to attend a conference or two which were work-related. Some may say, “And? So?”, and my answer to that is, “I need vacations like a shopper needs a bargain, like a fish needs water and like a foodie needs a buffet.” Vacating from the weight of the world and the woes of life (I’m being dramatic) are a necessity for me. It’s been who I am since a child when my parents would sacrifice every single year to take us somewhere, even if it was the local Days Inn or Holiday Inn less than 15 miles from our house. I don’t do much, but vacate, I do.


This year has been a busy one. Like many women who are often too busy for their own good, in retrospect, as I look back on the last 11 months I see that I’ve done A LOT, and done a lot for or with a lot of people. I haven’t, however, done a lot for Angela. It’s sad to recognize and even sadder to type. I really haven’t taken much time for just me this year, and I haven’t set aside time for something as simple as a vacation or at least a mini-get away. As I shared my overly dramatic emotions with my friend, talking about my lack of finances, lamenting on pending matters which have halted things, discussing the reasons why my calendar is already full for the entire month of November, mentioning why I hadn’t done more for myself this year prior to now, and yada, yada, yada, the words from one of my voices of wisdom came loudly and clearly, “do it for yourself”.

So I shall. Stay tuned.



2 thoughts on “Do It For Yourself

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  2. I hear you about needing a vacation…I’ve been having this feeling of wanting to get away lately, and I celebrated my honeymoon earlier this year! But one way I was thinking about “escaping” was to do a grown-up sleepover at a friend’s house, and the next day, you can “sight see” in your own town. Visit shops or restaurants that you never have before, or take in an historical site you’ve always wanted to visit. My budget is tight, too, so this seemed like a feasible idea!

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