Where I Thought I’d Be Is Not Where I Am and That’s Alright With Me

In honor of Flashback Friday and my return to my high school alma mater today to speak during Career Day I proudly repost this blog post…80s pictures and all!

Life Gets Better

This blog is in honor of #TBT (Throwback Thursday)

A cleaning journey lead to the discovery of my Senior Class book. Yes, I’m a neatly, organized packrat  who has always kept anything of value with the hopes of it one day making an appearance on my “behind the scenes of the life of this mega-important whoever I was to become” biography. So I super-glued it, hot-glued it and kept it in tact with a large rubber band (that might have come off of a bunch of collard greens my daddy might have been chopping one day in the late 80’s) and I saved it.

Alabaster-Helena-20130925-00944 (2)

Ha! Taking a glimpse in the life of the teen formally known as Angela Michele (with one “l”) Scott tickled me! This girl was something else.  This 122lb, 5ft 8in, 17 year-old with a metal retainer, dark brown eyes and a precision cut, dark brown, asymmetrical bob (as her…

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