When Life Gives You a Virus Say “Thank You” for the Weightloss

Last week I fought a terrible battle with a BAD virus that, at times won. That’s all I’ll say about that gut-wrenching experience as I don’t want to delve into the world of TMI (too much information). What I will say is that that pesky, little bug made me miss out on what should have otherwise been a fabulous week, full of frugal fun, college football with friends and meaningful experiences.

I missed enjoying my goddaughter Rakia’s baby shower that I planned. Not only was I on the verge of passing out every other minute, I didn’t get to get a drop of all of the delicious food or the tasty sweet treats provided by Epiphany by Erika. I was there physically, ducked off in a chair up against the wall, but in my mind, the rest of me was at home under the covers… or elsewhere. (Don’t let the picture below fool you. I was on the verge of something disastrous at that very moment.)


I missed my final Church of the Highlands Steps to Success Small Group party on Monday with my amazing students from Woodlawn High School. I’d been waiting on this all semester as we wrapped up a wonderful time of introducing students to professionals who have a passion for helping them become successful professionals. (Take a peek at us earlier this year.)


I missed out on my godson Jaylon’s honor’s band performance at the illustrious Alys Stephens Center in Birmingham. Not only did he place a coveted “chair”, but I heard he was a percussion playing genius. (I didn’t get to see a picture of his performance, but you can look at how handsome he is, and why I would be so proud of him below:)


I also missed out on seeing my niece Kassidy in her first parade with her dance class. Thank God her granddaddy knows I love pictures and snapped this memory to share. (She’s the adorable one in the middle with the Santa hat on making contact with the camera like a soon-to-be professional.)


All that said, last Monday and Tuesday are a total blur. I can’t remember anything about either days except I enjoyed watching “The Chew” and “The Talk”. Last week could feel like a loss if I let it. I almost ate an entire pack of Pepto, took Dramamine and Phenegren, and survived off of sips of Ginger Ale, Orange Sherbet and Luigi’s Cherry Frozen Ice. I ate my first full meal on Friday, only to find out it was still too soon and am now back on a toddler diet of things that, in my doctor’s words, “don’t make my stomach work too hard.”

So here I am, one week later. I could go on and on about how terribly awful last week was, how unfair it was, how much it cost in time and money, how it feels like it’s “always something”, and so on. I could tell you how weird it felt watching my first Alabama football game alone (Roll Tide), instead of in the company of hoopla with family and friends. I could continue to bore you with how much I missed out on, OR I can and will say I’m grateful that I have a job that has great benefits and I had more sick days than needed. I could say how I eventually began to enjoy the more leisurely schedule and time of rest last week provided. I could say how I relished a tiny bit in being doted on by my parents, who would drop off soup and Popsicles at my garage door and run, as fast as a 70-year-old and 68-year-old could back to the car so they wouldn’t “catch those germs”. I could say how I didn’t miss driving in Alabaster to Birmingham traffic for a few days and I could definitely say I am pleased with what the virus took away from me…six pounds and several dress-cinching inches.

Now, before you get all up in arms, I am, in NO way an advocate of sickness as a weight-loss mechanism. However, just like in life, if you’re going to go through something it might as well leave you with something you wanted, or in this case without something you didn’t want. Life happens. That’s why it’s called life.  The true beauty of life is when you can look at those things, like a virus, loss of job, parent or child issue, relational woe, financial challenge or worse, and choose to see the good in it and from it regardless. So when life gives you a virus say “thank you” for the weight loss.



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