The Picture of Friendship

Yesterday, while scrolling through my Facebook feed I ran across a post from a dear friend, Kushuna Exford Williams. Her post read that one December 23 she would be leaving the south headed across the country to join her beloved “boo”. That was great news, and sad news at the same time. It’s amazing how emotions can run amuck in two different directions whether you want them to or not. I knew the time of her leaving was coming, and could see what God was up to even as He used some uncomfortable situations to push her to her rightful place with her husband, Mr. Williams in Washington. What a blessing…and still I pouted at the thought of her not being a stone’s throw away in Georgia anymore.

So to face reality I did what I do best. I reflected…and BOY, oh BOY was I delighted in what I found! For more years than I can remember my dear friend Kushuna/Shun/Kaye (yes, she has that many names…LOL!) has been there. She always been consistent, in the background, in our corner, from the sidelines, and often leading the way with her encouragement, persistent prayers, unwavering faith, funny jokes, question asking, sentimental presents, “drop of a dime” presence, connection keeping, goodie bag making, and picture taking with a smile on her face. I could go on and on about the times she’s helped strengthen me (especially during illness or loss), been like a “spiritual bodyguard”, dropped little sweet nuggets of bargains or blessings in the mail or been there for MONTHS and MONTHS for my family when a loved one was facing death.

I could talk about how over-the-top helpful she is, always ready to lend a hand, or how she supports those she loves like nobody’s business and has taken her years as a cheerleader at Birmingham, Alabama’s former West End High School to a “whole nutha level” being one of the absolute best “bring out the best in others” persons I have ever been blessed to know. I could talk about this year alone where we marveled at the messages at Church of the Highlands reCreate women’s conference then broke it down on the dance floor with the Cupid Shuffle, posed in the parking lot following lunch at my niece’s dance recital, mentored the children from Woodlawn High School or topped it off with a gathering in the ATL to see none other than Oprah Winfrey and her “The Life You Want Weekend” crew. I could talk about her weekly and sometimes daily check-ins just to make sure I’m okay, to say #IGotNext, to tell me her thoughts and dreams for where God is taking me or pose a prolific question. I could share how she’s grown sooooooooooooooo much from the young woman I met over a decade ago (when you see her ask her about squeezing and hugging), or I could talk about how much her presence has caused me to grow sooooooooooo much since we met.

I could say a lot, but I’ll let the pictures of friendship prove my point…

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So, do you see what I, like so many have been blessed with in our friend? There were so many more pictures I could have shared, but a true lady never reveals her whole stash…plus, we’ve come a long way from some of them and we’ll just leave it at that! Yes, I consider myself pretty darn fortunate to know and call her friend. A planned trip to bid farewell in the ATL was derailed last week. My first reaction was to pout (I’m sure you’re not surprised). Then I thought. No biggie! No sense in saying “goodbye”,  just count your coinage and get ready to head to Washington. So I shall head to Seattle…after she’s settled in with her boo, of course…LOL!


4 thoughts on “The Picture of Friendship

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  2. This is AWESOME, AWESOME, TOTALLY (in my cheer voice with hand motions)!!! Thank you so much for this wonderful tribute! I made it to your blog, wooo hooo! Your memory runs farther than Forest Gump, some of these pictures I totally forgot! What a great thing to wake up too!

  3. Having a sleep schedule unlike most before snuggling in this morning (no I don’t work the night shift) I decided to check cyber world for possible Christmas presents since there are only a few days left and I am one of those people. However, I glanced at my emails first and Instead of looking for present ideas for others there was a present for me. It came in the form of Angela’s blog. The present was a reminder of the blessing and honor of having Kushuna in our lives. One thing I know first hand is she’s everything stated in this wonderful testament of her friendship and more. She is indeed an exceptional and inspirational young lady. I am extremely proud of her, love her dearly and honored to consider her a niece and call her friend.

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