I Plan to Milk It for All It’s Worth

The countdown is on for 2015. I see so much about the new year, as my television and timeline are now beginning to be filled with cleverly, catchy commercials, quotes and posts about leaving the old year and making way for the new year. That’s all well and good, as I too, am excited about the future, but 2014 still owes me a thing or two and I’m not leaving this year until I get it.


It seems the older I get the more I’d begun to rush through one thing to get to another. I would wake on Monday and focus my entire week waiting on Friday. I’d get to winter and make plans for summer. I’d eat a tasty breakfast then plan my plans for dinner. No longer, and especially not this year.


Like the last swig of cold, “red” Kool Aid on a smoldering summer day I won’t stop until I enjoy the final drop of what 2014 has to offer me. I plan to savor and appreciate this rest of this year like it’s a perfectly grilled 16 ounce piece of medium-plus Delmonico steak. I intend on squeezing the last little or big bit of everything that’s meant for me out of 2014 like it’s my favorite Sensodine (expensive) whitening toothpaste that wasn’t on sale at CVS. I plan to purposely live in the moment that is today believing that great, great things are still in store for my loved ones and me this year.

Yes, the countdown to the “ball-dropping, peach-falling, Moon Pie-sliding, confetti-throwing, bubbly beverage and fireworks-popping, Roll Tide-winning, revelry-making day” of January 1, 2015 is on the horizon and I’m glad about it.  But again, 2014 still owes me a thing or two, and I plan to milk it for all it’s worth.



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