Gaining and Maintaining Talk That Matters

Life Gets Better

You may not play games, but you’re definitely on a team. Building relationships, friendships, families, and healthy co-worker associations is all about teamwork. Often, lack of communication can be the downfall of a great, productive relationship. Ask me. I know. In the past, my mouth has gotten me into some mess that’s too much for blogging.

Through my own trial and error, and honestly through some of the actions of others, I’ve learned that there are a few ways to make sure communication doesn’t keep us from successful associations. However, taking a note from Rob Base and DJ EZ Rock, “It takes two to make a thing go right.”


So how do you gain and maintain talk that matters?

1.    Determine the best way to communicate based on each person’s preference. Ask the other person which method of communication is preferred. Mornings? Nights? Email? Phone? Face-to-face? Thirty minutes after coming into the house…

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