I Can’t Dance

Life Gets Better

A couple of years ago, while driving home snapping my fingers to a CD I had a shocking revelation. I can’t dance!!! Yep, you read correctly. At the tender age of 40ish I realize that I can’t keep a beat on my feet…or in a seat. As if posting this blog post two years ago wasn’t enough, the blatant reminder that I can’t dance further hit home while I was at a recent comedy show and one of my favorite songs out of New Orleans from the late 90’s came on. I tried my best to do as the song instructed. But I couldn’t. I literally couldn’t do it. (I won’t tell you the song, but I’ll just say that the rappers name is very child-like, Wodie…LOL!)

I used to be able to sweat my hair like the best of them, but somehow, somewhere that ability to boogie escaped me.


I started reflecting…

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