I’ve Been Thinking…About Food


It’s no secret. I have an affinity for food. I appreciate it, and think of it often, not just for consumption, but as an inspiration for many things, some random, others not as much.

One morning while warming my breakfast I started thinking of some things about food. There seemed to be no rhyme or reason regarding my thought process, just thoughts that popped into my head as I watched the microwave spin and listened to it hum. Taking a node from David Allen Grier’s character from In Living Color…Wanna hear it? Here it goes.


  • You can tell a lot about a person based on what they pull out of the company refrigerator.
  • Oatmeal in January tastes a lot better than oatmeal in July.
  • Coffee drinkers speak their own language as they connect with other coffee drinkers while looking over the rim of their favorite cup, with aromatic steam seeping to their nostrils.
  • The words “free food” brings out the, shall we say, “interesting” side of people.
  • A good bowl of Frosted Flakes or Apple Jacks goes a long, long way.
  • Butter, cinnamon, sugar (brown, especially) and “Slap Ya’ Mama” make food “sang”. (Yes, I said “sang”, not “sing”.)
  • The hot dogs from Sam’s Club are everything, and don’t dare have them hand you a cool packet of sauerkraut.
  • “Purple” and “Red” Kool-Aid are like teleporters…they instantly take you back in time.
  • A potluck lunch tells you a lot about a person’s priorities.
  • Good food from a truck in the middle of the night is like finding the prize in a box of Cracker Jacks.
  • Everybody can’t make Red Velvet Cake. Don’t be fooled, people.
  • Candlelight and the right company can make a can of Spam and a cup of Tang taste like a culinary delight.
  • Breakfast for dinner should be done at least once a week.
  • Cheese, chocolate, Honeycrisp apples, and Berry Punch Minute Maid are gifts from the angels…
  • The food I’m most allergic to (shellfish, dairy, etc.) is the food I most enjoy:(
  • There is a difference in Sweet Potato Pie and Pumpkin Pie. Okay? Okay.
  • Often the ones who don’t look like they eat a lot do. (Trust me. I know.)
  • When you’re really, really thirsty there is no substitute for good, cold water, even if you have to use two hands to scoop it to your mouth.
  • Everyone deserves a nice, extravagant “I can’t believe I’m eating this kind of food at this fru-fru restaurant” kind of meal from time-to-time.
  • Hot sauce and pepper sauce are a must have.
  • CAKE!!!!!!!!!! (That’s all I’ll say about that.)  





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