What You’re Going Through



Having the privilege to live alone and spend time by myself has given me an insight I don’t think I had or knew I had before when I was busied with the affairs of others. Part of that privilege also extends to being able to wake when I want to, and sometimes when I’m not ready to, to ponder silently or aloud thoughts going through my mind. Case in point, this morning at 1:30am. Why on earth I woke out of a good sleep that early is a mystery to me. I’m glad I was able to go back to sleep and only had to put a little bit of concealer on my already puffy eyes, but in the moments I was up at “0 dark 30” I was inspired with this post. Perhaps it’s for you. I know it’s for me.

  • What you’re going through might have shocked you, but it won’t stop you.
  • What you’re going through is not going to define you, but will catapult you to greatness that defies definition.
  • What you’re going through will be shaped by your own attitude and actions, not those of others. (Check yourself, boo.)
  • What you’re going through is not meant or sent to shame or embarrass you, but to attract an audience front and center to witness the awesomeness that comes out of where you are.
  • What you’re going through may not be easy, but most lasting victories aren’t. (You’re in good company.)
  • What you’re going through is not a step backwards, but a pause/yield/halt/put on the brakes to launch you forward.
  • What you’re going through is not punishment, payback, “a mother” (as in payback is a ‘mother’), Karma, a boomerang effect or what you get for what you’ve done.
  • What you’re going through is not meant to isolate (cut off) you, but insulate (cover) you. (Let that marinate.)
  • What you’re going through is adding to your arsenal of ammunition against fear and doubt, even as it may be trying to make you fearful and doubtful. (No fear. No doubt.)
  • What you’re going through will be rectified in such a way that you’ll one day have to convince others that you’ve actually gone through what you’ve gone through because no negative residue will remain. (Only good.)
  • What you’re going through can’t dim your shine or discount your story. (Don’t let it.)
  • What you’re going through may frustratingly feel like what you’d ALREADY come out of, but that’s because you can be trusted to come out. (Believe that.)
  • What you’re going through is NOTHING new to God and NOTHING too hard for God.
  • What you’re going through is not about you, but all about God getting the glory out of what He’s allowing for your gain and the good of others.



7 thoughts on “What You’re Going Through

  1. Classification: UNCLASSIFIED Caveats: NONE Good morning. That is such a true statement sometime. “I want to sleep but my brain won’t stop talking to itself.” How you captured that with words just made me laugh out loud after reading. I can relate. Have a beautiful blessed day! Keep doing what you are doing.

    v/r Andrea

  2. I’m so glad, you were woken at 1:30am to speak these words of encouragement and confirmation of GOD’S amazing work HE’S doing in my life!! I have truly felt so very alone at times going through, but GOD is preparing me.

    Thanks for this encouragement..

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