You Are Not Alone

Happy Saturday,

I hate the devil! I’m pretty sure his sentiments toward me are the same, but because he doesn’t have what I have and WHO I have I absolutely understand his disdain for my brothers, sisters and me. Like a jilted, third grader ousted from the playground dodge ball game for fighting, the enemy is just “jelly” that we’re a part of a wonderful fellowship as children of God that just so happened to have given him the boot. So he tries to poison our thoughts and pick fights with our mind trying to get us confused, alone, discombobulated and isolated like him.

I’ve never played many games, but I sure can peep them. And I don’t feel sorry for satan at all for being in the predicament he’s in. Too bad. So sad. Boo, Hoo. Cry me a river and gone ’bout yo’ business, satan! With that said, I’d like to put the devil on blast, calling him out as a jealous, child-like, defeated, deceiver who gets his kicks from convincing people that they are alone. He’s a #liar. The mere fact that we are all people and there are other people negates the fact that we are ever, ever alone, literally and figuratively. Yet, still, he (meaning that non-factor satan) would like nothing more than to have people think that there are not other people who love them, care about them, think of them, pray for them, need them, admire them, support them, are there for them, will help them, believe in them, want what’s best for them…and are assigned by our sweet Daddy God, to be a part of His promises for their life coming to pass.


So, in case you, like I, have ever, at any weakened time in life, fallen into that little trap of believing you are alone know that you are not alone. Believe that!



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