I Love a Man


There’s no better time than today, as we take time to honor the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, to give a shout out to men. I love men. I truly do. Not just for what some would assume to be the obvious, but because of their strength, fortitude, tenacity and gumption, sometimes in spite of the best of odds.

I’ve been contemplating what to say about the movie Selma after seeing it. There’s so, so much I could say about the cinematic masterpiece. One thing that stood out to me was the importance of Dr. King and the men who walked along side him. Their presence illuminated from the screen igniting in me a sense of thankfulness that I wasn’t prepared to embrace. I  know that the heels of the footsoldiers came in many shapes and sizes, men and women alike, but the bravery that must have mustered in the hearts of Dr. King and other men who were just a couple of generations from being beaten and sold because of slavery, ripped from their families like a bit of string on a skirt inspired me. Now wait, I’m a woman. Women rock. We are important. (And for the record, Mrs. Coretta deserves a day all her own.) Any who, women matter so much, but today I’d like to say “thank you, kudos, respect, salute, and you are appreciated” to men, like Dr. King who, despite faults, flaws and simple humankind-ness dare to make a difference for mankind.

Men, I’m stealing some of my own words from a previous post that seems applicable. I just want you to know that:

  • You are loved, valuable, needed, and necessary.
  • Your vision is desired.
  • Your voice is appreciated.
  • Your mistakes don’t define you. They are meant to direct others.
  • There are people who really do believe in you.
  • Your family needs you for more than your paycheck. Your time, influence, wisdom, discipline, authority, presence, participation, assuring hugs, hearty laugh and deep voice mean so much to so many.
  • Your words matter and we really do want to hear what you have to say (especially when you think no one cares or understand.)
  • There are some other GOOD men who are good for you to be around.
  • You have the right to start over again from any place of pain.
  • You deserve the beauty of joy and to sleep peacefully at night.
  • It’s okay to be hurt and to get help to deal with that hurt properly.
  • A strong man isn’t afraid to be honest, transparent, vulnerable and taught.
  • There is no embarrassment attached to improvement.
  • You are a leader, born of leaders, meant to breed other leaders.
  • A man who smiles and a man who is sensitive is sexy.
  • It’s okay to pray.
  • It’s okay to cry.
  • Greatness is in you.
  • You can be whomever God created you to be even if you didn’t have all the people or things you thought you needed in order to be it.
  • You are loved, valuable, needed, and necessary. (I said it twice so it can soak in.)



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