We Need a Dose of Preparation Faith

Ha! Ha! Did you read that title and instantly think of Preparation H? I did as I typed it out, which is absolutely okay, as the topical ointment is somewhat of a muse for this prose.


I was searching my local drug store (shout out to CVS) looking for something to treat some unwanted eye accessories (also known as bags) I’ve been dealing with as a result of allergies gone awry. I remembered the myth of using Preparation H to treat puffiness, and contemplated buying a tube of it, but then decided against it since my eye was already under attack from the turn of the season. Anywho, reading the details on that petite, mostly yellow tube started me thinking about faith. Weird? I know right. I started thinking, if Preparation H could be used for generations to shrink things that didn’t belong like puffy eyes, and other mid-region unmentionables I shan’t mention, then Preparation Faith would certainly serve the opposite effect. (My mind tends to see and connect things that even my mind often wonders about.)

I know I may be stretching it a bit here, but stick with me and you’ll catch my drift. Preparation Faith is the kind of faith we must have in order to make things grow, come to pass, or show up. It’s the kind of strong, bold, powerful, figurative ointment in the form of our declarations, our consistent actions, and our allocations that we place on things we are believing to see blossom, following the directions given and waiting with expectation for results bigger than we’ve imagined. Like Preparation H, which offers the opposite effect, utilizing different treatments for different levels of severity, be it in the form of an ointment, wipes, cooling gel, pain relief cream, itch relief, maximum strength, suppositories, totables, and more, the same must be so with our faith. The same ol’ faith won’t fix each situations. We have to know what we’re dealing with, trust the process of the recommended “fixes”, switch it up to something stronger if needed, and keep on applying and reapplying it until what we see what we’ve been waiting to see.


This month, I hosted a Vision Board Party, to put my faith on paper. I was finally motivated by the faith that’s been moon walking in my mind, and occasionally coming out of my mouth to finally write it down, make it plain (and pretty)  according to Habakkuk 2:2. Now I’m faced with the task of waiting on, and getting ready for it to appear. And unlike Preparation H which specializes in super shrinkage, with my Preparation Faith whatever comes, the BIGGER, the better, baby.



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