Sometimes We Have to Know When to Blow

Got your attention? I hope so, because chances are, if you’re like I am you need to read this as much as I needed to write it so I could read it (again and again).

Sometimes we have to know when to blow. Blow what, you might ask? Blow off a little steam I might answer. In the frenzy of life, the hustle and bustle, the grit and grind or whatever you prefer to call those things that keep us on our toes, and often buckle us to our knees, knowing how and when to healthily blow off a little steam means a world of difference.


I was feeling frenzied recently. I mean I was in a tailspin. I was feeling that feeling that often dances in my head, rests in my neck and lower back, and settles itself stomach disguised as “not feeling well”, but really is stress, tension and a reason to go see Lemar Storey at Life Touch Massage Therapy. That frenziedness was playing over and over and over in my mind as to how I was going to do all I needed to do. I was wondering how God was going to answer some lingering prayers, trying to figure out how I was going to fit 25 hours worth of stuff in a 24 hour day, planning for next week while not yet fully invested into this week, listening to the prayer requests of others (and holding some of their pains personally), waiting on Friday (payday) and working my finagaling to figure out how to make it to that day with things needing to be handled to today. I was convinced I was smelling the smell of something electric in my truck which made me think of another bill. I was balancing a plate full of duties at work that was running over like a gallon of water in a pint-sized container. I was frenzied, my friends. On top of that, I am in my final week of 42 and knew that I didn’t want to carry the unnecessary sense of feeling overwhelmed with me into a blessed new year. No ma’am, no sir. Overwhelmed is not invited to my 43rd Birthday Empire Watch Party Celebration complete with me wearing something(s) with animal print on it.  Toodleloo, overwhelmingness. Poof! Be gone…


And so I blew it. Literally, I took a deep breath and blew that “ick” right on up out of me. I inhaled in a gut-giving way that would have made Terri McMillan stand up and salute, and exhaled like my very being depended on it. Then I did it again for good measure, just to be sure, just in case. And just like that, with nothing yet changed from my long laundry list of things to do, I decided to simply breathe through all I was going through, even if I couldn’t breeze through it.



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