Too Many Thank Yous


Yippee-ki-yay! It’s my birthday!!!!

There’s so much I could say about my hopes and dreams for year 43. I’m believing God for some major, major blessings, changes, improvements, opportunities and opportunities (yes, I said it twice) this year. I’m just in awe of Him and who He has been in my life, in spite of me. There’s also so much I could say about my tango with year 42. What a year it was, not defined by anything extra, extra defining, but still a year filled with gratitude, life’s lessons, loving family and friends, personal challenges, a few perceived setbacks, an abundance of laughs, and some testimonies to tout.

While looking for some “thinking of you” cards in my stack of cards I have I ran across a whole heap of “thank you” cards. My first response was, “why on earth did I buy all of those thank you cards.” My second response was, “and why on earth haven’t I used them.”


I have so much and sooooooooooooooooooooooooo many for which to be thankful. There’s nothing like a birthday to remind me of just that. The Lord has truly blessed me with some amazing examples of His love here on earth. Coming in all forms, from far and near, daily chatters or irregular conversers, cheerleaders and correctors, old acquaintances and new found favorites, family and friends, blacks and whites, the pepper to my salt or the fire to my ice, I am thankful for each person who plays a part in my life.

Along with the list of personal goals I plan to accomplish this year, I plan to put those thank you cards to use letting people I know and love know that I love and thank them dearly for being who they are for me. And that, my friends is my idea of an ideal birthday and year. So let’s get this party started with a great big “THANK YOU!”



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