I’ve Got a Case of Spring Fever


Spring has sprung! Yep, it has. It’s evident in the pollen, the quacking ducks, the blooming trees, the sneezing, the itchy eyes, the rain/sun/pop-up storms, the time change, the longer days, the sound of the Kona Ice truck, basketball finals and the chirping birdies.

I got tickled at myself thinking of the signs of spring of old. In my 20s the change of the season was often marked by fits of fancy about romance. I won’t go into too many details on that as a couple of my ex-boos read my blogs…LOL! (Hey y’all!)

But now, in my 40s, the change of the season has been marked by feelings of personal restlessness. I’m not young and restless and by no means a complainer or not grateful for the progression of life, but of late, it seems every March or April I start feeling like it’s time for a personal change. And when get that feeling it get it big time! I wanna change things in my closet, change things in my career, change my eating habits, change some personal goals, and change a bunch of other stuff not blog worthy. It never fails, though, during this time a need for change springs up in me like those stinky, albeit beautiful Bradford Pear Trees in the south.


Am I the only one with that fever? Cue Peggy Lee!


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